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Perawatan Kulit & Suplemen


Endocare, merek asal Spanyol yang telah diteliti dan dikembangkan oleh Cantabria Labs sejak tahun 1997. Cantabria Labs berfokus pada pembuatan produk farmasi, dermatologi, dan kosmetik paling unggul, berinvestasi besar dalam penelitian dan pengembangan, memastikan produk aman dan efektif.

Forging into a new market of natural regeneration, Endocare product line is based on the patented ingredient, Secretion of Cryptomphalus Aspersa (SCA). The unique SCA Biorepair Technology exclusive to Endocare, harnesses the power of nature to provide scientifically advanced skin regeneration for photo-aged skin and post-procedural care.

SCA, the secretion from Cryptomphalus Aspersa is a natural growth factor derived from the secretion of the mollusc (snail). Cryptomphalus Aspersa existed way before mankind, estimated 600 millions years ago. Despite the many events that have caused wide range of species to be extinct, Cryptomphalus Aspersa was one of the only species that was left unharmed. After many years, Scientists realised the amazing ability of natural regeneration in this mollusc and did a research on it. It was found that the secretion not only has healing capabilities, it also encourages skin regeneration, thus allowing the molluscs live through the nuclear explosion.

Through extensive research on the safety and efficacy of the secretion, SCA was also found to be an excellent quencher of free radicals, promoting the antioxidant capabilities. With many published academic papers, SCA has been proven to restore skin’s natural repair mechanism to recover and regenerate by promoting the reproduction of fibroblasts, which contributes to the formation of new tissues. In addition, SCA helps to synthesize important elements such as collagen, thus exerting a positive influence on the assembly of the skin matrix.

With this, Cantabria Labs developed an extensive line of products, including Ampoules, GelCream, Lotion, Eye & Lip Contour, Tensage Cream and Tensage Serum. Endocare’s remarkable regenerative properties of SCA will be the ideal products for photo-aging and post-procedural care.

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