Leadership Summit 2024 : Empowering a Common Future

Starting 2024 on a high note with our Neoasia Leadership Summit in Jakarta – a 4-day enriching event uniting leaders from all our offices across Southeast Asia.
This summit was a space for the exchange of innovative ideas, strategic planning, and strengthens a collective commitment to aligned actions that will guide the team throughout 2024. The overarching goal of the summit was to foster empowerment, equipping our leaders with the tools and insights needed to steer their teams towards our shared vision.
Our heartfelt thanks go to all our speakers at the summit for their sharing. We would also like to express our sincere appreciation to our trainers, John Kam and Emily Wong, whose leadership nuggets and wisdom provided insights on purpose, strengths and the art of leadership.
We are excited to continue to grow together in this journey of leadership!

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