Perawatan Kulit & Suplemen


Perawatan Kulit & Suplemen


Heliocare, jenama dari Sepanyol yang telah dikaji dan dibangunkan oleh Cantabria Labs sejak 2001. Cantabria Labs memfokuskan dalam pembuatan produk farmaseutikal, dermatologi dan kosmetik yang paling unggul, melabur banyak dalam penyelidikan dan pembangunan, memastikan produk tersebut selamat dan berkesan.

Heliocare’s dedication to sun protection stretches the research and development team to present cutting-edge technology for users. Heliocare focuses on the main active ingredient, Fernblock®, in their range of products that has this amazing ability to provide sun protection benefits. With recent studies, Fernblock® is proven to help in improving hyperpigmented skin such as melasma and also, it is able to slow down signs of aging caused by external aggressors.

Knowing the possible harmful effects from the sun, Heliocare developed Purewhite Radiance, catering to those who would like to unveil their natural fairness, promoting radiance and youthful looking skin. Synergistically combined with Fernblock® and White Tech Complex, Purewhite Radiance has the abilities to block the enzyme that is responsible for melanin production, controlling the formation of dark pigments. The potent antioxidant properties from Fernblock® and White Tech Complex further enhance the sun protection benefits, quenching the free radicals from the UV rays.

Heliocare range of products is widely used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons and, general practitioners.

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