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Skincare & Oral Supplements


Acne is a very common condition among teenagers and adults. There are 4 main factors that cause the development of acne – over production of oil on the skin, excessive dead skin cells clogged within the follicles, bacterial colonization and inflammation.

The most common therapy used to treat the above factors includes the combination of oral and topical products. However, with the use of any single therapy, it is almost impossible to address all the 4 factors. Topical treatment usually addresses the concern of clogged pores and bacterial colonization, whereas oral treatment (consumption of vitamin A or oral contraceptive pills) usually addresses the concerns of excessive oil production only.

Aknicare is the only topical range that is clinically proven to work effectively on hyperseborrhea. With its innovative breakthrough technology, Aknicare is able to effectively target all 4 acne pathogenesis factors without the use of antibiotics, retinoid and steroids.

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